Peatlands drained for agriculture are a considerable source of greenhouse gas emissions in Northern, East and Central European countries. In some EU member states they cause even more than one fifth of all emissions. Nonetheless, mitigation from peat soils is insufficiently taken account of in agricultural, climate and nature protection policies on EU-level.

The aim of the workshop is to debate the effects of the current agricultural, climate and nature protection policies on peat soil cultivation. We will also discuss how to overcome bottlenecks in terms of legal issues and support policies on the European scale regarding peatland climate mitigation.

In the morning, we will present results of the FACCE-ERA-Net projects CAOS and CINDERELLA researching for a more sustainable use of peat soils in different EU member states. In the afternoon, we will discuss impacts of policies at EU level.

We intend to bring together a broad range of knowledge, experience and perspectives. Therefore, participants with different backgrounds are welcome (politics and administration from the EU and the member states, science and NGOs). The workshop is especially addressing representatives from EU countries with peatlands. You can find more information on CAOS and CINDERELLA on:



The projects have received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 031A543A and no 031A545.